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Sentient Sponsors the Shrewsbury Grand Prix

Sentient Sponsors the Shrewsbury Grand Prix

This year, Sentient are pleased to sponsor the Shrewsbury Grand Prix – a nationally ranked cycling event that’ll see competitors race around 1.4 of closed circuit in the town centre. Onlookers will be able to get a close-up view of the action, as a series of races take place over the course of Sunday, May 28th.

In total, there will be seven races. To kick things off at midday there’s an U10/U12 race for both boys and girls, followed at 12:25 by a youth race for U14/U16s. The latter, incidentally, is the one Sentient is sponsoring. Each of the youth races will take place on a shortened, 850m course with eight corners. The starting line is just beside Waterstones in the town centre, just across from the square facing the Old Market Hall.

The course for the senior races extends slightly longer, with participants taking a right turn onto the A5191 just after the Turner’s plumbing and heating crossing, and then heading around for long northward lop before returning to Flex It corner. The course has been redesigned for this year to include the gruelling Claremont Bank, and it’s sure to tax even the most seasoned cyclist.

If you’re looking to make a day of it, you’ll find a wealth of great places to eat and drink in the town centre, including an assortment of quality cafés. Moreover, many of them are right next to the race’s start/finish line, so if you’re looking to be there for the finale, you’ll be able to do so on a full stomach.

Motorists will also need to consider parking. Fortunately, there are a few of the scattered along the course. You’ll find a fairly exhaustive list of them here. It’s worth considering that traffic will be difficult, particularly after the end of the last race – and this will be especially so if you’re parked right next to the track. It’s therefore best to arrive early, leave late, and plan ahead. If you’re travelling by train, you’ll find the start/finish line just half a mile from the station.

With this being the only national ‘A’ class race to occur on the day, the competition is set to be fierce. The top prize of £2,000 is sure to tempt a slew of high-quality racers – presumably including last year’s winner, Albert Torres. Previous Shrewsbury Grand Prixs have lured in crowds of  more than ten thousand people, and this year’s event is set to be similarly attractive. You’ll be able to watch the action unfold from the High Street, courtesy of an enormous television screen. If you’re a fan of cycling, or you simply fancy a day out in town, then be sure not to miss it!


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