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Magento 2 – eCommerce Show North 2018

Magento 2 – eCommerce Show North 2018

Magento and Magento 2 were a hot topic at this years eCommerce Show North, with Magento having its own dedicated eCommerce Theatre. A large proportion of the websites Sentient build are on this platform so it was the first port of call.

If you’re reading this then it is presumed that you are already familiar with Magento. What you might not know is that Magento 1 will be coming to an end in June 2020 and with an estimated 1 in every 4 ecommerce sites using it many businesses will be affected.

There were many seminars about Magento 2, covering all core benefits, but the same key piece of information was given at each – ‘Act now’. It was advised to plan ahead of 2020 and get your website booked in with a Magento 2 web agency. There are limited Magento 2 developers and therefore leaving it to the last minute could leave your old Magento 1 website vulnerable, waiting in the queue to be seen to.

Before you panic and reach for the phone to call your developer, it is a good idea to review your website and business plan carefully to make sure Magento 2 is a good fit and will meet all of your business objectives as not everything can be migrated from magento 1 to 2.

There are many positives of moving across to Magento 2 including:

  1. A huge number of extensions that will cover your catalogue management needs, marketing and SEO to name a few. In fact the amount of extensions available has already outgrown what’s available on Magento 1.
  2. It now has full page caching which allows for faster load speeds by reducing the number of disk reads and network round-trips. This will make it even faster for customers to browse and shop.
  3. The administration has improved with content staging where campaigns can be scheduled to ensure smooth automatic go-lives.
  4. Seamless user experience across all devices that can be personalised.
  5. New module architecture allows for Easier Maintenance and Upgrades.

If you’d like to discuss migrating your website or creating a Magento 2 site from scratch why not give us a call, or pop in to our office.

Amy Hayes

About Amy Hayes

Amy is the Project Manager here at Sentient. She is on hand for all of our clients to ensure their projects run on time and to budget.

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