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Business Doctors support independent businesses by helping them to overcome challenges that they face on a day to day basis

Wordpress Website Design and Build

The ‘Doctors’ themselves are based up and down the country where they support businesses within regions. Their site had grown into a minefield of information which had become difficult to navigate.

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The challenge

To design and develop a website that can recognise the users location and tailor their journey serving them specific content relevant to their needs. The content needed to be streamlined and made easier to navigate.

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Business Doctors 2

Our approach

After an in depth discovery session we were able to identify the pain points that Business Doctors had with their existing website. This gave us the foundations to build a technical specification where we outlined the functionality requirements.

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Our answer

The overall design is clean and corporate without being too overbearing or stuffy. The content, including banners and copy is region specific and changes depending on the location of the user. All content served to the user is specific based on their user location and the journey they’ve made throughout the site. The content was re-written and organised into user friendly categories which again are suggested based on the user’s journey, making it even easier for them to locate the information they need.

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